Monday, June 23, 2008

Email Volume?

So, how many emails do you receive daily? My email search engine reports that I have received approx. 24,000 emails and sent 4,200 mails in the last 6 months. This would work out to approx. 133 inbound emails and 23 outbound emails per day. If I just look at week days, the number is approx. 155 inbound and 27 outbound emails per working day. The first number is inflated because I am on multiple distribution lists.

We use SonicWall's Email Security product for spam filtering and it has a wonderful ROI calculator. You plug in a value for the cost of every spam email and it calculates the RoI of successful spam filtering. Not a spam killer, but a great way to justify your product to the Budget Owner. Here's the RoI we have achieved so far using this product -


Neelima said...

On what basis is this ROI being calculated?

Rajesh Rajamani said...

We assign a certain value for every spam that gets filtered correctly. Lets say it is $0.001. The RoI = Total spam caught * $0.001