Monday, October 13, 2008

100% protection against viruses and malware?

My wife's laptop recently got infected with malware, despite running an up to date version of a leading anti-virus and a spyware detector. Coincidentally, both these vendors have offices in the same street in which my wife works. Wish she could take the laptop over and tell them how badly their products suck. However, reality meant that I had to troubleshoot and fix the problem. After trying out a few other free anti-viruses and malware, none of which seemed to detect/fix the issue, I found Spyware doctor. A fantastic tool that found and fixed the problem - I ended up purchasing a 5-pack license for all our computers at home.

While on that topic, Solidcore's product was tested against nearly 16,000 viruses and malware by NSS labs. The results are available from our website here. We prevented 100% of these viruses, worms and malware. Needless to say, we were thrilled when we heard this and had celebrated in a big way. We are seeing a tremendous uptick in the demand for this product and there has never been as much excitement at Solidcore before.

Just in case you were wondering why I did not put our product on my wife's computer - I'd have done so had it not been her company issued laptop :)

Update on 10/14 - Shortly after I posted this entry, Secunia, an independent testing firm had released the results of their security tests. Symantec won, but Secunia claims in their blog entry that "Even the "high" score from Symantec was disappointing. Symantec detected a mere 64 out of 300 exploits, or less than one-fourth, leaving 236 exploits undetected!" and the report concludes alarmingly thus - "These results clearly show that the major security vendors do not focus on vulnerabilities. Instead, they have a much more traditional approach, which leaves their customers exposed to new malware exploiting vulnerabilities."