Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Yahoo-Google-Microsoft Acquisitions

I decided to look at the major acquisitions done by Yahoo, Google and Microsoft in the last few years (Note - this is not a comprehensive list - I've looked only at Web related technologies). Click on the image above to get a closer look. Microsoft has done a lot of Acquisitions in the Gaming market, ostensibly to provide more games for XBox. Google has worked on acquiring more content (Usenet archives, Youtube), bolstering their search/ad offerings (Kaltix, Applied Semantics, Zipdash) and more web services (blogs, maps, photos, spreadsheets, word-processor, wiki). Yahoo has concentrated on search (oveture, inktomi), Music (Musicmatch, Launchmedia), social networking (wretch, upcoming, Dodgeball) and some very diverse products (kelkoo, Konfabulator, Bix)

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Rishi said...

Great Analysis. Another thing to notice in this acquisition picture is that most of the good products that have come out of google have been acquisitions. Google claims that it is an engineering focussed company that values innovation. The hot products that have come out of google are : spreadsheets, mobile maps, writely, blogspot and you tube. Each one of these has been acquisition. So is google really innovating?